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    Web in Chinese

    When your competitors have their own Chinese webpage and already show profit from Asian buyers, what's your internet marketing plan to Great China Region?

    Do you have your own Chinese webpages to promote your product?

    How do you feel your company webpages can't promote to 130 million Chinese mother tongue web users?

    Don't let your website become isolated webpages to Chinese web users, we have solution to bridge your website contents readable to them.

    Web in Chinese is established to help foreign companies to start their internet marketing campaign in Great China Region. We are specialized in building customers webpages in Chinese language webpages thus local web viewers can know products and services they can got from abroad.

    Meanwhile, We positioned ourself as a marketplace provider to worldwide qualified suppliers especially in China products so as to get a show room to foreign buyers. When East meet West and benefit from this internet encounter, that is our expectation.

    We can provide a total solution to our clients to have an overall internet marketing campaign activities in their Chinese webpages.

    No body can ignore that Chinese web viewers double digits growth rate every year. We saw this trend and will let our clients benefit from this growth, internet will be a prompt and economic ways to start your first touch with Chinese web viewers. It is never too late.

    Our main service scope of works included:

    Webpages translation into Chinese (simplified or traditional), Customers decide to redesign Chinese webpages or only wording

    Webpages translation into Chinese and Chinese keywords purchase at major local search engines

    Webpages translation into Chinese, post Chinese product brochures to major on-line shopping portals, product supply chain management at local market

    Webpages translation into Chinese, execute product local marketing campaign

    Provide foreign companies local distributors searching and consult to build up local sales channel

    Local marketing advertisement exchange with foreign marketing campaign companies

    Other customer tailored marketing plan per request

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