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    About Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

    TCM is a time honored, holistic and natural healing system developed over the last 5000 years. It places great emphasis on illness prevention and rejuvenation. It cures disease by tapping into our bodies’ self healing power. Acupuncture and herbal therapy are the two main components of TCM. It sometimes calls for Tuina (Chinese massage) and forms of meditative, low impact martial arts; such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

    The concept of balance in yin and yang is the principal philosophy of TCM.

    Yin means darkness. In darkness, life comes to a rest, a motionless state when body quietly rejuvenates with the nourishment it receives. In health science, yin analogs a decrease in physiological and motor functions for the preservation of energy, organ repair, absorption and storage of nutrition. On the other hand, excessive yin is like a pond in the shade, where dampness and coldness prevail. Excessive inactivity leads to decrease in energy production and accumulation of pathological wastes; such as phlegm, fluid and fat.

    Yang means the sun. In the brightness of the sun, people engage in activities, constantly using and producing energy to meet the challenge from both the modern society and natural existing pathogens. In health science, yang analogs an increase in physiological and motor functions, which breaks down the material components of our bodies to fuel these activities. Over abundance of yang is like a fire in the wilderness, which burns down all the lives. Excessive activity would exhaust our bodies‘ resources which includes the material components, nourishment and fluid.

    Only through the quest for balance in yin and yang can we reach the state of optimal health. It is a state with balance in anabolism (building up) and catabolism (breaking down), a mind with balance in aimlessness and purposefulness and a life with balance in rest and activity.








    Business: Ming Yip Acupuncture & Herbal Therapy
    公司名稱: 明葉堂
    Address#1: 2510 Penn Avenue
    City: PittsburghState: PAZip: 15222
    Tel: 412 281-4818Fax:
    Business: Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs Center, LLC
    公司名稱: 中国针灸中药中心
    Address#1: 20 Cedar Blvd.
    Address#2: Suite 301
    City: PittsburghState: PAZip: 15228
    Tel: 412 563-3328Fax: 412 563-2755
    Business: Chinese Acupuncture Center
    Address#1: 600 Rugh St.
    City: GreensburghState: PAZip: 15601
    Tel: 724 837-7880Fax:
    Comments:Certified Acupuncturist, Certified Herbalist
    Business: Chinese Acupuncture Wellness Center
    公司名稱: 中华针灸保健中心
    Address#1: 1025 Washington Pike
    City: BridgevilleState: PAZip: 15017
    Tel: 412-221-2773Fax:
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